Meet Your Hexes

Amanda, Jake, Mike, Tom & Brandi


My husband and I began our board game habit, I mean hobby, several years ago when we were bored one weekend and decided on a whim to go to GenCon. Since then, we’ve been hooked. We mainly enjoy our Euro’s/Worker placement games but I love a good fantasy theme and try to slip one in when I can. We have had tons of fun and we’re glad to have found a hobby we can do together. Here’s to many more years of happy gaming!

Brandi (Host)

Many of my happiest moments growing up were spent around a table laughing and playing games or sitting in front of our colecovision (young video gamers look it up).  My parents played bridge, double pinochle, canasta, poker, pounce, etc.  When I was too young to play I would sleep under the table while they played so I didn’t miss a moment of the laughter and fun.  I loved carrying on that tradition, making memories with my sons, through playing games around our table.  During their adolescence we played games that progressed in skill as they aged (examples include:  set, break the safe, monopoly, bang, euchre, hearts, spades, double pinochle, canasta, dutch blitz,  backgammon, chess, dominion, clue FX and lots of catan (starfarers and cities and knights ts) The more we played the more  heavily into gaming we became.  Our sons are adults, but I can still be found spending most of my free time gaming. Games feed my mind and have allowed me to cultivate amazing friendships with people I might have never encountered.  I am passionate about bringing people together by providing a venue for others to get more information about games and game-related happenings in the board game community.


**Placeholder text**I’ve been playing boardgames since I was a kid. I know all of the things… to be continued when written by Jake.





I’m mike. Most people call me Tesh. I’m an electrician by day and a board gamer by night.






I grew up playing euchre and Michigan rummy and video games (beginning with intelevision).  I most enjoy the strategy aspect of playing a game and often can be found playing / teaching others a game.  I share the technical role of adjacent hexes with Amanda.